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This piece based on my old living room in my old apartment. I recreated many of the objects that existed in that space, chairs, side tables and other nick nacks out of thread and hung them from the ceiling so that they were layered on top of one another, mimicking the space in my old home. Each of the objects were created on a 1 to 1 scale. The objects act as a trace or record of a space that used to exist. Part shrine or monument, the thread drawings act as tribute to a room that once was.

This piece was shown at Come Up to My Room at the Gladstone Hotel in January 2011. I have come to think of my rental apartments as places of temporary stay, which I why I thought the Gladstone was an appropriate place to display the work. Hotel rooms are places that are home for a brief period of time; they have a bed and a night table, things that sort of reference a sense of home but really aren't the real thing. I think that this piece acts the same way as a hotel room does, it references or reminds you of a place like home.